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Our facility overlooks the hills of the beautiful Hudson River.  Please enjoy the gallery we have created to give you a look both inside and outside our beautiful home.​


At Joseph F. Nardone Funeral Home, our approach to developing a personalized funeral can be expressed in terms of "Setting the Stage" for a family's time to gather with their friends

Our goal is to draw in the personality of the deceased as told to us through the stories that the family shares with us. Sharing these stories during the service gives great comfort to the surviving family members and friends in many ways. Sharing stories often imparts the knowledge of a lesson learned from the deceased's activities, or the deceased's philosophies. Bringing the memories to mind can help reveal a sense of purpose in the life they lived.

We use many tools to accomplish this on a regular basis. The first tool is our own imagination. This has helped us develop a variety of props that we obtain from the deceased’s family.  Whether they were a car enthusiast, a hardcore sports fan, or an avid hunter,  displaying these beloved treasures helps to stimulate conversation about the deceased's interests, thus making it easier for visitors to lend their support. Remembering these stories can be comforting and therapeutic for a grieving family member.

 "Setting The Stage" for a family challenges us to be imaginative in a respectful manner. How do we include the deceased in the service? How about bringing in that prized football jersey to display. Let's place that cherished set of golf clubs among the flowers in the chapel. How about a Harley Davidson on display? Let's bring in Grandma's sewing or afghans or quilts and display them on her quilt rack or antique table. Or how about enlarging pictures of Grandpa fishing with his grandkids?

These are all parts of the stages we have set at Joseph F. Nardone Funeral Home for numerous families we have served. The families have been very pleased with our ideas so far. We look forward to "Setting The Stage" for the families we serve in the future.

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