Our Staff

Our dedicated and supportive staff are here to guide you through this difficult journey. We take pride in doing our absolute best to ensure your needs are met. We are here for you.

Jason Chiaramonte
Owner/Operator/Funeral Director

Since 2017, Jason Chiaramonte has been the proud owner of Joseph F. Nardone Funeral Home.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jason joined the world of Funeral Directing when he was faced with the death of a friend.  In 2001, Jason completed The American Academy McAllister Institute for Funeral Services.  He worked as a Funeral Director in the Bronx for four years then ventured out as a tradesman, servicing 45 funeral homes spanning from Long Island to Albany. Jasons love of caring for others led him down the path to nursing school. Jason spent three years at White Plains Hospital working as a registered nurse initially on a Stroke Unit then taking on the Emergency Department Nursing Fellowship.  In 2013, Jason was invited to join the Anatomy Department at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as the Anatomical Donation Supervisor.  There he was responsible for procuring anatomical donations for the college as well as running the laboratory for the medical students.  In 2017, Jason made the life changing decision to purchase Joseph F. Nardone Funeral Home from the previous caretakers.  Jason believes that the only way to care for others is to treat them as if they were his family.  Jason is intimately involved in every aspect of the funeral home with a great attention to detail. 

Michael Franolich
Floor Staff

Mike worked for the MTA based in Croton for 31 years.  Following his retirement from the MTA in 2005 he began working in the funeral service field. Michael has worked at Nardone Funeral Home ever since as a driver, pallbearer, and doorman.  

Michael Lepore
Funeral Director

Mike received his funeral education from American Academy McAllister Institute in 1985. He went on to work for Edward F. Carter Funeral Home as a director and general manager. Michael has worked at Nardone Funeral Home since 2011 as a director.

Gennaro Dicola
Floor Staff

Gerry has had a diversified work experience as an entrepreneur and business owner prior to working at Nardone.   He has been with the Nardone team for several years.